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Do you feel your partner is cheating on you?

There is always sweet and sour time in every relationship. The sweet time is a happy time – romantic candlelight dinner, morning jog at the park, watching a movie together to name a few. In a relationship, the sour moments come when suspicions start cooking up, and you begin to have that worrying feeling maybe, or just maybe you are being cheated on. Well, if you are in this situation don’t feel bad.

With the rate at which cheating is eating into society, even the best girlfriend and the most loyal boyfriend have been found wanting. Rather than meeting a relationship counselor, many people in this situation take matters into their hands, and in the long run, they begin to regret. Well, If you find you self suspecting your partner of cheating without you having any concrete evidence, these are the steps you need to take.

Why are you suspicious?

Ok, you just have that feeling that burning feeling in your heart your partner is cheating. Do not go berserk. Be chill, sit deep on your couch, and ask yourself: “Why are you suspicious?”. Why do you think your partner is cheating on you? Asking yourself self this question plays a huge difference between overreacting and having solid reasons.

A relationship counselor will always tell you it is best for you to be in the right state of mind and access the situation properly instead of displaying annoying characters. In a situation, your partner is haywire, receiving calls in the bathroom, acting strange, keeping late nights, not picking or returning your calls, saying no to sex, etc. It is easy for you to jump to a start suspecting he or she is having an affair.

Many people believe this is a crystal clear sign that a partner is cheating but not in all cases are these signs are applicable. Sometimes, your partner sudden change of behavior can be as a result of challenges in there workplace or health they don’t want you to worry or get involved with. Sometimes, you can be the reason your partner as wired behavior.

Let’s take, for example, you offended him, and you refused to apologize, wdo you expect him to be happy with you? You get the picture now, right? Don’t be rash. Don’t be quick to judge your partner. Do not make the mistake of creating inexistent evidence of cheating, when all your partner need at the moment is your support.

Have a conversation with your partner.

Rather than being suspicious, relationship counselors who know their onions will advise you to confront your partner and have a conversation about the whole thing. If she is giving you reasons to start being suspicious, it is best you discuss it with her. Talking here doesn’t mean a heated argument, you can grab lunch together and discuss with her about the midnight arrivals, bathroom calls, and the rest things you aren’t comfortable with in a gentle way.

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Zip your mouth until you have solid evidence.

A certain number always calling him is not enough to accuse your partner of cheating. Ensure you have evidence, not just evidence but solid ones or else the result will be a denial, and if truly they are cheating, they will become more careful, and the chances of you catching them will decrease.

Who do you speak to?

If someone’s name keeps coming up in their talks or they have become very protective of their phones. You may want to consider talking to somebody about it. But who exactly is that somebody? Many people seek advice from best friends or older people, but It is best you confide with a professional relationship counselor for the best advice.

Goodbye or a second chance

What if truly it pans out that your partner is cheating on you, will you say goodbye or give him or her a second chance? When you start suspecting your partner is cheating, you need to get your self ready to forgive or break up, just in case your suspicion becomes true.

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