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5 Nollywood Comic Actors Who Made Us Laugh But Died Too Soon

Nollywood Comic Actors- Adding spice, fun and laughter to movie scenes have a way of taking off stress and worries from Nigerians; and Nigerian comic actors have proven themselves up to the task. The Nigerian movie industry has over the years produced comic actors who know their onions and have...

7 Nigerian Celebrities Who Got Married As Teenagers

Back then during the 80's and 90's, people generally got married at a very young. If a woman reached the age of 18 without being married, they made fun of her! Can you imagine? In most cases, women were mothers of two children by the age of 18. My, how...

10 Nollywood Actors We Don’t Hear About Anymore

Whatever happened to the actors who used to dominate Nollywood blockbusters? These are the stars of Nollywood we no longer hear about. The movie industry in Nigeria is a fickle, chaotic scene. The ways in which certain actors rise to fame while others plummet into obscurity is never a sure...

Anthony Joshua is my spiritual husband – Daniella Okeke

Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke, has continued her campaign to win the heart of British boxer, Anthony Joshua. Daniella was one of those who cheered Joshua on to victory in his clash with Mexican-American Andy Ruiz Jr. in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night. The 32-year-old shared a picture of Joshua on...
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