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Top 10 weirdest name in the world

Check Out Top 10 weirdest name in the world

Here is a list of the world weirdest names.Some of these people who answered these name were celebrities while other became celebrities with their name. But some were just given such strange names, probably because their mother hated them. What would you do if you parents gave you any of these names?  In no particular order,enjoy the top 10 weirdest names in the world.

God Shammagod

This guy was a pro basketball player and was a major force in the NBA in the early 90’s.

Joker Arroyo

Joker Arroyo was a one time senator in the Philippines. According to him, his father gave him such a strange name because he loved playing cards.

North West

Popular celebrity couple Kanye west and Kim Kardishan gave their son this strange name probably because the fathers name, Kanye WEST, sounds funny right?

Dicksmasher mcironcock

A man was actually named this by his parents. Whether it was because his parent hated the sight of him or just wanted to give him a unique name, is unknown. His wired name was fund by aa postman that took a photo of it, causing the name to spread all over the internet. Whether he changed his strange name or he stills hast it, nobody knows.

Danny Drinkwater

Next is the Chelsea bench-warmer. I don’t know but probably he loved drinking water when he was a baby or is parents love drinking water, nobody knows why he has such a wierd name.

Dick Assman

Jeez! What the hell were the parents thinking about when they named him? Porn? Well, his unsual name made him made him a celebrity in Canada in 1995

Kentucky Fried Cruelty Dotcom

His real name was Christopher but hated the KFC for their animal abuse. He went as far as changing is name to

Golden Palace Dotcom

Although this name looks familiar to the previous one but it as a different story. A popular casino paid a couple $15,000 to name their newborn son this strange name. Most likely to promote the casino.

Batman Bin Superman.

This young Javanese man is blessed with being named after not just one, but two superheroes: Batman and Superman. And he’s got an identity card to prove it


In 1991 a child in Sweden was born, intended with this name. His parents, Elisabeth Hallin and Lasse Diding gave their son this name and said it was pronounced ” AlbIn”. Why? Because they were protesting against the Swedish name law.. This was because they had failed to register a previous name (it’s required to register a child name in a certain time in Sweden). They received a fine of 700+ $ and got their revenge by registering a 43-character name

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