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Gist: The Case Of A Man Who Stole 120 Shoes So He Can Have Sex With Them

  Earlier today, a Thai man identified as Theerapat Klaiya, 24, who reportedly steals shoes so he could have sex with them, was arrested by the police. According to reports, the man hasf for shoes was arrested after his neighbors complained that their shoes had gotten missing. Theerapat Klaiya, was...

Woman Sues Man N16,000 For Not Marrying Her After 9 Years Of Engagement

After nine years of holding on to a dream of marriage, a 25-year-old Zimbabwean woman of Zecco Township in Livingstone has taken her suitor to court for wasting her time after he broke the promise of marrying her. Mutinta Malaki requested for K15,000 (N16,000) from Joseph Kamana, 26, of Makunka...

Top 5 Disgusting Foods You Will Only See In China

Every corner of the world has its own unique traditions and customs, including the Chinese. But the Chinese  eat everything with four legs, except tables and chairs, and everything that flies, except airplanes.Below are just a few foods that are utterly disgusting but the Chinese eat them with delight as...

Top 10 youngest mothers in the world (photos)

There are no girls in this article, older than 10. To destroy your faith in humanity, we present to you the top 10 youngest mothers in the world. Before we begin, get a handkerchief close to you because these tales will make tears roll down your cheeks. Leyla Mafi Leyla...
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