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12 funny ways Nigerians pronounce Coronavirus

With the increase of Coronavirus cases in Nigeria  so came an increase in the number of ways Nigerians pronounce Coronavirus. Because we want to make you chuckle in this worrying times, we present to you 12 hilarious ways Nigerians pronounce coronavirus.

1. Colora drive us


2. Gonorhea virus

Coronavirus pronunciation

3. Colodial divus


4. Colona vilus


5.Covik One Nine biru

6. Colona virus

7. Coroma virus

8. Gorilla Virus 

9. Coloma drive us


10. Koloma dirus

11. Ewoma virus

12. Coven 19 virus

Enough of the laughing, let’s get serious. Have you wash your hands? Do you have hand sanitizers? Read the article below to stay safe during this period:

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