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archiveApril 23, 2023


Why Airlines Need A Mobile First Approach?

The travellers of the current age are digitally connected, and subsequently, they seek travel information, products and services from diverse digital sources. It is why many airlines have their native application to help the travellers, most often with onboard entertainment and boarding passes. However, the problem with such limited functionalities...

Beauty Camera Apps To Witness A Growth Of $1.51 Billion

The share of beauty apps has steadily increased in the past few years. There is a direct correlation between the increased usage of social media platforms and beauty apps. When putting out a picture on a social media platform for everyone to view, users tend to use beauty apps to...

How To Boost Your Mobile Internet Speed?

We have all faced the frustration of slow internet while sending a message, watching a video, or checking a website. The problem becomes more significant when one travels outside without Wi-Fi connectivity, and the smartphone is the sole source of entertainment and escape. Sometimes, the mobile internet speed is to...

7 Security Tips To Secure Your Smartphone

The smartphone is one of the most widely used electronic devices for many of us. No longer are smartphones used simply to make a call or send a text. With the availability of numerous apps, having a smartphone is similar to having a portable computer in hand. Considering the number...

How Has the Internet Changed the Way Nigerians Do Business?

Ever since its inception, the internet has made a major impact on all kinds of businesses. It has revolutionized the way business is conducted all over the world, including in Nigeria. As countries like Nigeria continue to embrace digital technologies and normalize the use of the internet, business owners in...

How Can Mesh Networking Improve Internet Experience in Offices?

The internet has become an integral component of running a successful business. As the reliance of businesses on online tools, cloud-based applications, and internet platforms has increased, businesses need reliable and robust internet connectivity to stay competitive. However, traditional wireless networks are not able to cater to the needs of...