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Download JAMB Brochure 2019 for all Courses, Faculties and Institution

Download JAMB Brochure 2019 – Check out the complete Jamb Brochure and syllabus for 2019.2020 PDF download, here.

A lot of you have had questions about the use of the Jamb Brochure. And yes, filling your Jamb registration form without first checking the current Jamb Brochure is not recommended. To avoid mistakes or to pass any unwanted stress or even forfeiting your Admission(after passing Jamb) please compare the courses and faculties by using the Jamb Brochure.

It’s equally thrilling that you can today download the 2019 Jamb Brochure for your specific subject combinations online rather than having to flip through the big good old days’ Jamb Brochure. Take advantage of these ease of access.

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What is the Jamb Brochure?

You can picture the Jamb Brochure as some sort of encyclopedia of different information. It contains the list of institutions and the courses they offer, the eligibility and requirements you must have before you can take up that course in that institution as well as a complete list of all Universities, Polytechnics, Innovation enterprises institutes, colleges of education, etc.

It contains guildelines to admissions in Nigeria Certificate in Education, National Innovation Diploma (NID), National Diploma, and first degree.

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How to download the 2019 Jamb Brochure pdf

As said earlier, the Jamb Brochure is online. You can download the brochure for all courses including Social sciences, Arts, Education, Law, Agriculture, Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, Administration and many more.

To download the Jamb 2019 Brochure, follow the simple steps below:

  • go to the official Jamb website
  • Click on 2019 Jamb Brochure
  • You will be redirected to the iBass website, where you can either browse brochure by Institution or by a programme.
  • You can also go directly to the brochure website by clicking here

How to use the Jamb Brochure

If you have the desired institution, you can quickly check out subject combinations for a course of interest. You can also quickly check by searching by the kind of programme you wish to run, whether it be an undergraduate program, Direct entry, diploma program, etc. Ensure that the Jamb subjects you register, match the requirements made by your institution of choice.

For Instance, the University of Port Harcourt does not accept Geography for the Department of Geology but rather a subject combination of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and English. Ensure to cross-check and be sure. If you otherwise, you may gain admission but would have to seek a different course such as Geography/Hospitality Management.

Check out our Jamb 2019 Step by Step guidelines on how to register and get prepared adequately. Feel free to send in your questions, let us help you.



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