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#StayAtHome – Check Out How to Have Fun During this Lockdown

#StayAtHome - Check Out How to Have Fun During this Lockdown

Nowadays, the message is very clear: #STAYHOME! Many countries are in Coronavirus Lockdown and we must stay home, as that is the only “vaccine” we have for now. It’s never fun staying indoors for an extended period. Even worse, we can’t hang out with friends, see a movie at the cinema, drive anywhere or even take a breath of fresh air.

#StayAtHome - Check Out How to Have Fun During this Lockdown

However, staying safe at home doesn’t have to be lonely or boring. There are still lot of fun things you can do to avoid boredom. Below are some examples of things you can do during the lockdown


Staying in one place without activity is a recipe for sedentary living and bad for our health. Hence, daily exercise and good food help to keep us rejuvenated. Therefore, you should step up your fitness game indoors. For instance, if you’ve never cared about your fitness goals due to the hustle and bustle, now is a good time to start.

Learn New Things.

How about doing something new? You can take an online course to boost your career or academic goals. You can also learn a new language, join a cooking class or simply improve yourself by joining a program on mindset training.

Join Online Challenge.

There are fun things you can do online like the hilarious things people are doing on social media. From the million-mask challenge to PSA Dance, toilet roll dribbling, template memes, and lots more.

For example, one of the ways to stay productive this period is by joining the Stay at Home reality challenge.

TECNO Stay at Home Realities

The Stay at Home Reality challenge encourages people to post pictures of different activities they are doing during the lockdown.

stay at home reality challenge

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You can post pictures about watching a movie, having breakfast, family moments, working at home and many more. However, you should post pictures from different parts of each day, morning to evening.

To participate, go to the TECNO social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and submit your entry with the hashtag #StayAtHomeRealities.

Every week, the most creative entries with the highest number of shares, likes, and replies will be announced as winners. Winners will be given the chance to choose between:

  1. 1-month premium cable subscription
  2. Airtime Research (worth same amount)
  3. Shopping Voucher.

The activity runs from 17th of April to the 30th of April, 2020.

Why not take advantage of the lockdown and have a fun time wherever you are? Who knows, you just might win one of the TECNO’s prizes while having fun this period.


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