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5 Interesting Nollywood Movies That Are True Life Stories

Some of your favourite movies were inspired by real life events. The 1997 classic Titanic is a perfect example, as it is based on a ship wreck that happened years ago. Nollywood movies are not excluded, as a number of them get their inspiration from real life happenings. See below:

1. Isaakaba

This movie was released in the year 2000 and it is inspired by the real life story of the Bakassi Boys. The Bakassi Boys were popular back in the days, especially in some South-Eastern states. They were a vigilante group, whose primary job was to catch criminals. They were believed to employ the use of supernatural powers in achieving their aim.

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2. Anini

This movie tells the story of Lawrence Anini, a popular armed robbers back in the days, who operated majorly in the city of Benin.

3. Derico

This movie is all about the story of Derico Nwamama, a criminal who operated majorly in Onitsha, and was later executed by the Bakassi Boys in the year 2001.

4. Last Flight To Abuja

The movie Last Flight to Abuja was released in 2012 and it takes its roots from the 2006 plane crash incident involving Flamengo Airways.

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5. Onyeamuma

Onyeamuma is an Igbo movie that tells the story of Eddy Nawgu, the owner of the Animals Healing Centre. He was believed to perform human sacrifices and also prepare charms for criminals to be successful in their operations. He was later killed by the Bakassi Boys.

Have you watched any of these movies?

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